Medical technology is standing right in the intersection of many fields: medical science, biology, physics, chemistry and engineering. Thus, on its development, medical technology has been known for its complexity and multi-discipline problems to improve the quality of healthcare and life. To answer this challenge, our lab tries to create a ‘bridge’ between medical and engineering world with developing a new type of multi-physical approach with a simple yet effective method.

Research at Medical Instrumentation Lab includes:

  • Bio-signal processing including EEG, EMG, ECG signal analysis and its interpretation as a measurement method for human’s physical performance and conditions.
  • Bio-feedback analysis for rehabilitation, includes a feedback system for post-stroke patients and developing a treatment procedure for a person with disability and special needs.
  • Human factor design & bio-measurement system based on multi-physical & multi-modality measurement approach for designing a new product for a special purpose.
  • Design improvement of medical device and system based on computational analysis and simulation.

For more details of what we did and what we are doing now, please click the link below:

  • On going research
  • Previous research

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